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THINQ's media team regularly publishes independently researched articles and opinionated columns on our Medium blog, THINQ About It, which aims to investigate and foster discussion surrounding clinical procedures, public health, and social justice topics.

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Our blog also features a multimedia series titled Major Decisions, which includes why THINQ clinical fellows chose their respective majors, their experience with the major as a pre-health student at UCLA, what tips they have to succeed, and more. Click on the links below to watch and read interviews on the following majors: 





In our first article series, THINQ About It: COVID-19, we delved into the biological and social implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Articles cover topics including: vaccination updates and protection methods, efficacy of different mask types, types of COVID-19 testing, prejudice amidst the pandemic, and the impact of COVID-19 on various communities.


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